Art & Artists of Nayakpatna 


Palm leaf Painting and Patachitra aren’t new to the world of art , these art forms carry a legacy village Raghurajpur, Odisha along with them. Much less is known and untold of Raghurajpur- a Village that grew under the shadow of its neighbouring village ‘NayakPatna’.


As i ventured into the village of Nayakpatna , i was mesmerized by the vividness of the paintings found on the entrances of village houses. The paintings are an imitation of photo collage of Indian God or Goddess added grandeur to homes , often a tradition followed in the village – to bring money in-flow rather than outflow.

I got introduced to many artists some have won state level certificates and some have received National level certificates for their competency, maturity and elegancy in developing the art forms in genres of Palm leaf paintings, Palm leaf applique works, pattachitra etc. I soon released there are so many artists and each home in the village is a power house.

Though i am totally new to such artistic forms the complexity in developing such art puzzled me. To my request, one artist has shown me the development of palm leaf painting – from nascent stage to a well grown.

The artistic work developed by artists such as Prakash chandra sahoo, Harihara pursty , Harihara Maharana and many more is immeasurable in terms of efforts they are investing , yet they are waiting in the darkness of raghurajpur for people to recognize and remember their artistic works.

These artists of the village feel that exposure is lacking from works of government and public with regard to their art form and when neighbouring village can get accreditation from Central government – Modi ji , The Prime Minister of India,  has sanctioned 30 crores INR for upliftment of Raghurajpur – Artists of Nayakpatna feel annoyed , despair and feel underexposed.

Though the art form is ancient , used for divine practices continued in villages like Nayakpatna often due to under valuation of such art forms , non-recognition and lack of training to artisans – have resulted in dicrease of artists and erosion of such beautiful art forms.