About Me

Photography is a medium for us to preserve memories. It provides a source to reflect the moral,social and political conditions – we as human undergo. To me ,photography is more about expression of thought a person seeks to project to world.

As a electronics engineer by profession and photographer by passion, My self taught and self financed projects enlightened my interests in taking up photography as a character than a hobby. I have always been hesitant yet enthusiastic to depict what i sense and feel about the things around. There was a dire burning desire to show the world what atrocities human can commit and in what conditions humans can continue their habitat. while seeking to address my questions – I have found that photography has provided me freedom in all dimensions. Through my Viewfinder is a window to the world around me  as it provides me an opportunity to experiment with the truth – depict the social inefficiencies and inaccuracies of life.

I have always been this sherlock holmes type – seeking for minute details and providing attention to unnoticeable dust particles. I believe desire alone cannot complete my palate – It needs to be converted to actions – which further transformed to material – those which can be published , taught , remembered and sometimes followed. For such a challenging course of journey – through my viewfinder is only step-2 of my life. I would further like to pursue professional training and studies if i am permitted that could accelerate to reach my goal in less time.

Please visit my profiles as provided below :

World Photography Organization Profile

National Press Photographers Association

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