HariDwar and Rishikesh

The city of Haridwar is an ancient city of India, mentioned in several Upanishads and Puranas with different names such as Gangadwara, Mayapuri and Kapilasthana. The city’s name literally meaning the ‘Doorway of or to Gods’, is equally important to both Shaivites (Shiva followers) and Vaishnavites (Vishnu followers). Hence it is known as both Hardwar and Haridwar. Every six years the Ardh Kumbh Mela is celebrated here with great fervor here.

The city has a great history and with that it starts getting to rust. Yet , rusting is a natural phenomena states a guy whom i spoke while having my tea near the ganga ghat. He states that his ancestors were pioneers in making tea and he shall teach the same to his grandsons as well. when asked , why don’t he send his kids to school, he quipped , as his generations are born in a holy city, studies are in situ for them. Such is the greatness of ganges divided haridwar.

Poor are not rich in holy places and holy dips doesn’t make them rich overnight. The place where i had my breakfast had a Baba stall in it. A regular Baba visits and installs himself at a dedicated place. Notwithstanding my queries erupting inside me , i asked him whether he shall answer my question which is bugging me. I questioned : I heard that Baba’s are not colorful , yet you seem very different from what I hear. The Baba replied, you are camera man , so you see me colorful.

All said above, haridwar is a place where heart sing in unison for ganges. Everyday ganga aarti which has been conducted by temple trustee is worth watching and if want to do something ! Take a Dip .

My next stop was rishikesh !

It seemed to be a foreign land. At Least one in 3 people were people from outside the country. I felt that Drugs are everywhere within the premises of the city. But lucky for me i wasn’t offered or asked to smoke a weed. The Ram and Lakshman Jhula provide a respectable commutation route in the city. Ganges is more clear and is milky snow color at this place.

Many more places to be visited and Much to be Lived.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Poornima says:

    Awesome photographs and narration!! Hope to see more posts and places through your eyes!


  2. Poornima says:

    my personal favorite are the man with red painted face, and the silhouettes in front of Ganges in Rishikesh


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