Can we stop this virus – pollution


Ages ago, plastic was a boon to mankind. It made things easy and we have adopted to it instantly. In retrospect , Have we made a right Decision. As I walk in midst of streets near to office I often find people collecting plastic cups , cables , polyethylene covers etc.,Any material which seems to be plastic. Less they know , what harm it does to their environment and least they bother even if they comprehend it.

It’s a celebration for few collectors when they fill up these materials up to the brim of their bags and incinerate them for money and for many it’s a hazard. The toxins diffused into the air due such millions of atrocities simultaneously happening around the capital creates a poisonous cloud that profoundly gets into lungs and chokes people around. Why do we accept a system like this ?. When asked one common man after explaining the worst nightmares he commits by such plastic fires. He exclaimed ” I have nothing to do with it , I just need money to buy a bottle of rum and a bag of food for my dependants”.

I blame the ignorant rat and also the omnipresent system which are racing after money and neglecting human values and their connection with nature. Education is important but it equates to zero when we commit crimes even after being knowledgable. Imperfections in system are inevitable , How can we accept a system without proper values and rules which are needed in daily life. If this question is asked to any individual in system , they blame the population , poverty and to large extent they blame on the sectarian disputes as well.

A chain of blame games will not resolve the issues in society. We have to resolve by hand , we have to stand out in the crowd and address the issues. If that doesn’t happen we shall end up burning with plastic.

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