My Passion

To many i have asked ! seldom they reply or follow. But for me , it is photography and I have no doubt about it.

Born in a low income family, as i grew the only thing i knew was passport size photograph. As time passed by , my uncle one day got himself an Olympus point and shoot film camera. He asked me to try and capture a bird nesting on a mango tree at my grandfather’s place vijayawada , india. I was fascinated by the gadget and impressed by the technology. I instantly knew that my dad can’t afford it but when I can , I wouldn’t think back in buying one. I didn’t have a camera of my own when i was at school nor had one at my bachelors. My first camera NikonD7000 was a gift from my wife, though she knew less about camera , she knew more about my desire – she got me a Nikon.

I have learnt that a photographer should always have ‘cercate e troverete’ (seek and you shall find) kind of attitude, compassion and communication.

Many questions are asked everyday and many answers we receive , but only a few answers sink in and reach our moral compass. The questions I ask , might be regular but answers i receive are different in wavelengths. Photography to me is not a part and parcel or bread of my life. For me photography gives me a path to seek the true sense and the soul in everything i see, a Renaissance’.


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